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Public Domain SpeechWeb - What To Say

When you enter the Public Domain SpeechWeb site, you will get a greeting. You can follow the instructions in the greeting. For instance, if you don't know what to say, you can simply say "help", "What can i say" or "what do you know". You can also have a look at the grammar file of the SpeechWeb application, see below for details.

Grammar File

Every SpeechWeb application has a grammar file in which a programmer can specify a language that the application should be able to understand. The grammar file is written using Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF). The code of the grammar file is not very hard to understand, almost english language description. You can have a look at the grammar file for any SpeechWeb aplication by simply changing the extension of its URL from xml to jsgf. For example if the URL of the application is:
You can access the grammar file by going to:

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