MySpeechWeb Project

Help Build a Public Domain SpeechWeb by creating a SpeechWeb application

A SpeechWeb is a collection of hyperlinked speech applications, which are accessed remotely by speech browsers running on end-user devices. Links are activated through spoken commands. The first SpeechWeb, which was developed by Richard A. Frost of the University of Windsor, in Canada, was demonstrated at three international conferences in 1999.

A Public-Domain SpeechWeb (PDSW) is a SpeechWeb which is accessible to the public and which contains speech applications that are created and deployed by the public in a manner that is analogous to the creation and deployment of HTML pages on the conventional web. A "Call for a Public-Domain SpeechWeb" was published in the Communications of the ACM in 2005. Publications describing work towards a Public-Domain SpeechWeb can be found here.

This website contains information on the current status of the Public-Domain SpeechWeb being constructed at the University of Windsor in Canada. We encourage you to visit the public domain SpeechWeb where you can see examplar SpeechWeb applications. You can also watch the video demonstration, demoing the SpeechWeb.

Help build a Public Domain SpeechWeb by creating a SpeechWeb application! We have created tools that make creating a simple SpeechWeb application as simple as a click of a button, we have also included extensive documentation for developers who are interested in developing more sophisticated SpeechWeb applications, all tools and documentation can be found on the contributors section.

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